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Laugh of the day – where’s that DDT when you really need it?

Over at DeSmog blog, the hilarity from the Daily Bayonet Story earlier today continues. Gotta love this comment from the DeSmog thread: About these ads

About these ads
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AGU President on Gleick’s “shocking fall from grace”: “His transgression cannot be condoned, regardless of his motives.”

AGU President’s message We must remain committed to scientific integrity 27 February 2012 During the third week of February our global community of Earth and space scientists witnessed the shocking fall from grace of an accomplished AGU member who betrayed … Continue reading

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Heartland Institute President Debunks Fakegate Memo

This press release, initially published here, is reproduced in full below. FEBRUARY 27, 2012 – The Heartland Institute today released an analysis of the fake “climate strategy” memo circulated by Pacific Institute President Peter Gleick to fellow environmental activists and … Continue reading

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The economic downturn effect on U.S. carbon emissions

From the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences Reduction in U.S. carbon emissions attributed to cheaper natural gas Lower emission from power plants in 2009 was driven by competitive pricing of natural gas versus coal   Cambridge, Mass. – … Continue reading

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Ancient Iraqi meteorologists speak to the present on climate

From Wiley-Blackwell via Eurekalert Ancient Arabic writings help scientists piece together past climate Iraqi sources from 9th and 10th centuries give new meteorological insights – The team believes the sources show Iraq to have experienced a greater frequency of significant … Continue reading

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Why, yes, linking climate change to Earthquakes, Tsunamis, and Volcanoes DOES seem “to be bordering on the insane”

Don’t worry, this guy is just trying to sell a book conveniently located on the left sidebar of the Guardian. I hear there’s a two for one special with Chariots of the Gods on Amazon. Get a load of some … Continue reading

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Weekly Climate and Energy News Roundup

February 29: Fred Singer will be speaking at George Mason University, Fairfax, VA on Wednesday, from 4:30 to 5:40 pm, Room 124, Science Technology I General title: “The Climate Debate: NIPCC vs. IPCC, the Hockey-stick, and Climategate.” Impacts on energy … Continue reading

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