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Josh’s Open letter to Heartland -vs- the original, now with extra karma

UPDATE2 10:45PM 2/18/12: This started as a humorous reply to the “Open Letter to Heartland” purportedly signed by several prominent climate scientists. That may be true, but it is now in doubt, as none of the signers wrote it. A … Continue reading

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The World won’t stop having climate cycles just because they are inconvenient.

Guest post by David Archibald The most skillful climatologist the World has seen was Hubert Lamb (1913 – 1997). He can be credited with making the first prediction of the current solar minimum. This was in 1970 in a report … Continue reading

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Top Ten Things Heartland Institute Will Do With $6.4 Million in Funding

I couldn’t think of a way to easily excerpt this excellent piece of satire, so I’ll just repost it with apologies in advance and ask WUWT readers to go to wendymcelroy.com and give her props. -Anthony ============================================================== My hat is … Continue reading

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Christy on Sierra Snowfall over the last 130 years – no trend, no effect from CO2

Better late than never, we got a little bit busy this week. Image above from data supplied by Dr. John Christy and rendered by the San Francisco Chronicle from their story here. An excerpt: John Christy, the Alabama state climatologist … Continue reading

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