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New WUWT Feature – Scafetta’s forecast -vs- the IPCC forecast

I have a new feature page on WUWT that highlights the work of Nicola Scafetta and his solar-lunar cycle forecast model as it compares to the IPCC forecasts and global temperature reality using HadCRUT surface temperature data. Working with Dr. … Continue reading

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Argo Notes Part 2

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach Following on my previous post, “Jason and the Argo Notes”, just a couple of graphs in passing: Figure 1. Argo surface temperatures, northern hemisphere. Colors show the latitude of the floats, from red at the … Continue reading

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2010 Snowmageddon explained, sans global warming/climate change

The 2010 Snowmageddon event was quickly seized upon in an NYT op-ed by global warming zealot Al Gore as yet more proof of…climate…warming…mumble.. something. Yet in this NASA article highlighting a new peer reviewed paper, global warming/climate change isn’t even … Continue reading

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Friday Funny – carbonated drink stands in for Joe Romm in debate

We all know how the warmists like to avoid debating at all costs. In this case, the easily agitated to effervescence – blow your top Romm was aptly represented at a “Drinks and Debate” in Washington, DC by the perfect … Continue reading

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