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How reliable are global temperature “anomalies” ?

Guest post by Clive Best Perhaps like me you have  wondered why “global warming” is always measured using temperature “anomalies” rather than by directly measuring the absolute temperatures ? Why can’t we simply average  the surface station data together to … Continue reading

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Extremely Black Carbon

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach Of late there has been a lot written about the effect of “black carbon”, a.k.a. “soot”, and also “brown carbon”, a.k.a. wood and dung smoke, on the climate. Me, I think it’s worthwhile controlling black … Continue reading

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Your tax dollars at work: an NCAR cartoon on steroid use in baseball and compared to climate change

From the video description: AtmosNews takes a lighthearted look at an unexpected analogy, explaining why some people call carbon dioxide (and the other greenhouse gases) the steroids of the climate system. Statistics and extreme behavior are involved, whether we’re talking … Continue reading

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The numbers on “bad science”

This infographic from http://www.clinicalpsychology.net is interesting. It speaks to President Eisenhower’s second warning in his famous farewell speech. More below.

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Update on the Monckton – Hadfield debate

As I have mentioned previously, I’ve provided space for a response from Peter Hadfield (aka the nom de plume potholer54). I’ve published Peter Hadfield’s response in entirety, submitted Feb 7th, 2012. I’ve made only some slight edits for formatting to … Continue reading

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Triangular Fuzzy Numbers and the IPCC

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach I got to thinking about “triangular fuzzy numbers” regarding the IPCC and their claims about how the climate system works. The IPCC, along with the climate establishment in general, make what to me is a … Continue reading

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New paper and stunning video from the Space Station – UHI much?

Professor Ross McKitrick has just released a new paper on UHI, after reading it, it reminds me of this video from the space station. Weather stations exist in the points of light that define humanity at night, even in rural … Continue reading

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