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Tragic winter weather in Europe doesn’t fit the Mannian narrative

From the Weather is not climate unless we say it is department: Over at Climate Progress, paid propagandist Joe Romm wails about “journalistic malpractice” from Michael Mann’s words in a tweet: The wailing (Jan 31st and again Feb 4th) was … Continue reading

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CRU’s Phil Jones plays Wheel of Fortune “Before and After”

I was looking through some CG2 emails today for something else, and I came across this one. Email #3538. It is funny. For those who don’t know what the “before and after” portion of the game is about, this Yahoo … Continue reading

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Biased climate survey sent to all NOAA employees

UPDATE: It appears NOAA has realized the folly of this survey and has taken it offline. The satirical Question #16 (posted by a commenter) parodies the survey. The responses (which probably aren’t far from that) they got to it from … Continue reading

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Sea ice variability within and outside the Arctic Circle

The essay below is a result of some collaboration between Jeff Condon and myself. I’ve been wondering for quite some time if there was any trend difference between the truly “arctic” sea ice inside the Arctic Circle and the ice … Continue reading

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