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The Gore Effect kicks in, plus ça change …

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach … plus ça same old stuff. Thank goodness somethings never change. For example, the “Gore Effect”, which says that wherever His Nobelity Albert Gore III might hold a Climastravaganza to remind the world of the … Continue reading

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What do you get when you rub two climatologists together?

The Current Wisdom: Climate Change Controversy in the Wall Street Journal Guest post by Patrick J. Michaels (reposted from cato.org) This edition departs from our usual routine because of the very vitriolic fight that has broken as the result of … Continue reading

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Terrifying new book about climate change

Normally I don’t go for anonymous guest posters, but this one is from the famous “zombie” of zombietime.com whose identity remains hidden so that he/she may continue to record the anarchy and socially bereft behavior that permeates the McKibbenesque protestor … Continue reading

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UAH global temperature anomaly goes negative

UAH Global Temperature Update for January 2012: -0.09 deg. C By Dr. Roy Spencer PERSONAL NOTE: I’ve been unavailable for a while…my oldest daughter was in a bad car accident, will be OK eventually, but won’t walk for about 3 … Continue reading

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WUWT and other climate blogs are 2012 Bloggies Finalists

The 2012 Bloggies Awards final nominations are in, and I’m pleased to announce that climate skepticism is making an extremely strong showing this year. Here is a rundown of blogs you may know.

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Big Wind

  A wind farm is to be built near a nature preserve despite Osage Indian protests Guest post by Dale R. McIntyre A big-city corporation rams through industrial development on a pristine landscape against the wishes of the local Native … Continue reading

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