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Cites and Signs of the times

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach I’ve been involved in climate science for a while now, this is not my first rodeo. And I’ve read so many pseudo-scientific studies that I’m starting to develop a list of signs that indicate when … Continue reading

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What We Don’t Know about Snow

From Ellen Gray NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Predicting the future is always a tricky business — just watch a TV weather report. Weather forecasts have come a long way, but almost every season there’s a snowstorm that seems to … Continue reading

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Sir Richard Branson goes full on stupid in Antarctica

The stupid, it burns. OTOH, he’s with Gore and Hansen and there’s press with him, so maybe he’s just being sociable . Get a load of this from Richard Branson’s blog, CO2 can apparently contradict solar forcing due to the … Continue reading

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Briggs schools the “Bad Astronomer” on statistics

That letter signed by 16 scientists saying there’s “No Need to Panic About Global Warming” to the Wall Street Journal has caused a great disturbance in the farce. At last count there were no less than  19 blog rebuttals plus one … Continue reading

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Greenland’s pronounced glacier retreat not irreversible

Via the AGU weekly highlights: In recent decades, the combined forces of climate warming and short-term variability have forced the massive glaciers that blanket Greenland into retreat, with some scientists worrying that deglaciation could become irreversible. The short history of … Continue reading

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