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It’s “dead heat” – Americans rate global warming last

It appears that only the zealots care much about global warming anymore, yet it doesn’t stop them from making grand pronouncements of gloom and doom or taking fossil fueled publicity stunt boat trips to Antarctica. The Pew Research Center released … Continue reading

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The Mystery of Equation 8

I’ve been looking at the Nikolov and Zeller paper again. Among other things, they claim to be able to calculate the surface temperature Ts of eight different planets and moons from knowing nothing more than the solar irradiation So and the … Continue reading

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FOI victory against Phil Jones, CRU, and UEA

Excerpts from Bishop Hill: A major FOI victory This post is a jointly written effort by myself and Don Keiller. Readers may remember the Information Commissioner’s ruling last year that UEA had to release the CRUTEM data sent by Phil Jones … Continue reading

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Monday Mirthiness – dollars and sense

Josh weighs in on this story, writing: What is it with the new measuring climate in terms of money? Just bizarre. As Carl Sagan* might say, “billions and billions”.

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