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Perpetuum Mobile

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach Since at least the days of Da Vinci, people have been fascinated by perpetual motion machines. One such “perpetuum mobile” designed around the time of the civil war is shown below. It wasn’t until the … Continue reading

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NOAA and “climate disasters” – made up words?

I got a chuckle out of this new buzzword that NOAA has created in this press release: “climate disasters”. Personally, I think they’ve been caught up the disaster hype. Why? Well, because the term is undefined. It isn’t even in … Continue reading

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Mann of the people

Tom Nelson spots another Climategate zinger. Email 2743, Sept 2009, Michael “Robust Debate” Mann: “So far, we’ve simply deleted all of the attempts by McIntyre and his minions to draw attention to this at RealClimate.”

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Climate change invites aliens into Canada

From the Canadian Science Publishing (NRC Research Press) Climate change invites alien invaders – Is Canada ready? Ottawa, Ontario – A comprehensive multi-disciplinary synthesis just published in Environmental Reviews reveals the urgent need for further investigation and policy development to … Continue reading

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Global temps in a Crash as AGW proponents Crash the Economy

By Joe Bastardi, Weatherbell Analytics When the PDO turned cold, most of the meteorological and climate community understood that the pattern was turning very similar the last time of the PDO reversal, the 1950s, and it was a matter of … Continue reading

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Comparing climate skepticism to “creationism” in the classroom

Alternate title: Science education gets Gleicked From AAAS: “Is climate change education the new evolution, threatened in U.S. school districts and state education standards by well-organized interest groups? A growing number of education advocates believe so, and yesterday, the National … Continue reading

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