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Winegate: Red wine health researcher falsified data

From Medical News Today, word of a major failure of peer review spanning years and 11 journals. Researcher Who Studied Benefits Of Red Wine Falsified Data Says University An extensive misconduct investigation that took three years to complete and produced … Continue reading

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The USGS Investigates Elk

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach Elk are one of the largest of the “Cervidae”, the deer family, and are one of North America’s largest mammals. Cows weight about 225 kg. (500 pounds) while bulls weigh about 320 kg (700 pounds). … Continue reading

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Quote of the Week – Dr. James Hansen of NASA GISS, unhinged

“The Oceans will begin to boil…” – yes he actually said that, along with some other silly things. Watch this video:

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The new Hollywood blacklist

It’s like reverse McCarthyism. If you don’t believe in the AGW party line espoused by other “enlightened” actors, you don’t get to work.

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Earth’s baseline black-body model – “a damn hard problem”

By Robert G. Brown, Duke University (elevated from a WUWT comment) I spent what little of last night that I semi-slept in a learning-dream state chewing over Caballero’s book and radiative transfer, and came to two insights. First, the baseline … Continue reading

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Al Gore games the climate

After Gore’s 24 hours of climate reality back in September, I thought that he’d pretty much hit rock bottom with faking the science in it. Even Nature thought it was dumb. I thought we couldn’t possibly see anything stupider than … Continue reading

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