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Peak Oil – the R/P Ratio re-visited

Guest post by Mike Jonas On Dec 13, Willis Eschenbach posted a convincing (and eloquent as always) argument “The R/P Ratio” against Peak Oil being imminent. I would like to present a different view. In fact I draw the opposite … Continue reading

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Thought Provoking words for the BBC and the Guardian – from a Podcast by the BBC’s Michael Buerk

Guest Post by Barry Woods The respected BBC journalist, Michael Buerk has a short podcast entitled Michael Buerk on the Climate Summit at a new blog that I have just come across called The Fifth Column. It has some thought-provoking and challenging concerns for … Continue reading

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UAH global Temperature for December – no change

UAH Global Temperature Update for Dec. 2011: +0.13 deg. C By Dr. Roy Spencer The global average lower tropospheric temperature anomaly for December, 2011 remained about the same November, +0.13 deg. C (click on the image for the full-size version): … Continue reading

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Steig et al, revisited with UAH satellite data

From World Climate Report: Antarctic Temperature Trends Almost exactly two years ago, a prominent paper became a media darling as it, according to the alarmist website Real Climate “appeared to reverse the ‘Antarctic cooling’ meme that has been a staple … Continue reading

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I’ve been Lenfesteyed

Sometimes you just have to laugh. This is one of those times. I’ve been put in my place by an “urban coyote poet” for daring to publish on this blog. Elmer (of M4GW, not M4CC), Chris Monckton, and I , … Continue reading

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Paging Mike Mann – your dendrochronologist will see you now

Tom Nelson has another Climategate 2 email well worth reading Dendrochronologists get spanked by guy with expertise in tree physiology and wood anatomy ClimateGate Email 1738 “However, there are bounds to dendrochronology, as there are to every field of investigation, … Continue reading

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