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The Two Koreas, 1950–2008: An Unplanned Experiment in Economic Systems, the Carbon Footprint and Human Well-Being

  Guest post by Indur M. Goklany Lately, North Korea has been very much in the news. Its population—or should I say, “captive population”—greets the passing of the baton from one ruler to another in the same spirit as “Kim … Continue reading

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Shocker – Ken Caldeira resigns as IPCC AR5 lead author

(via Tom Nelson) Ken Caldeira resigns as IPCC lead author, saying: “…it is not clear how much additional benefit there is to having a huge bureaucratic scientific review effort under UN auspices…” New Directions for the Intergovernmental Climate Panel – … Continue reading

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Ben Santer’s “damage control” on UAH global temperature data

The post below on Dr. Roy Spencer’s blog that contains responses from Spencer and Christy deserves wide distribution and attention, because it shows just how badly Ben Santer and John Abraham want to squelch this dataset. Particularly amusing is the … Continue reading

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Shocker: BP quits solar power industry

BP Exits the Solar Industry (via Planet Gore) By Greg Pollowitz Bloomberg: BP Plc, Europe’s second-largest oil company, will shut its solar power unit and quit the business entirely after 40 years because it’s become unprofitable. The company will wind down … Continue reading

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Senseless about sensitivity

The speculative press release below is from the University of Gothenburg.  After having a paper published earlier this year  in Science that argues climate sensitivity might be lower than the IPCC stated in AR4, we have a new press release … Continue reading

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