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Hansen’s Arrested Development

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach James Hansen has taken time off between being arrested to produce another in the list of his publications. It’s called “Earth’s Energy Imbalance and Implications“. This one is listed as “submitted” … Normally these days I … Continue reading

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Another alarming climate myth bites the dust – mosquito borne malaria does NOT increase with temperature

Back in 2001, the University of Florida wrote one of those “science by press release” thingy’s in Eurekalert where they speculated that global warming would increase ranges, and thus the range of mosquito borne disease. The next year, NPR jumped … Continue reading

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Greg Laden caves – makes nice with Tallbloke

Tom Nelson points out that Laden seems to have caved to impending legal action. His essay now is a world apart from the angry and accusatory rhetoric of a few days ago. I think maybe Laden and the owners of … Continue reading

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Job opening for: Environment Program Officer

People send me stuff. This WUWT reader (who shall remain nameless) writes of a job opening that some of our readers may very well be suitable for. The letter says they “…welcomes a diverse pool of candidates for this search”, … Continue reading

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This is Glacial Tap

From McGill University , hmmm, where have we heard this water supply threat from receding mountain glaciers before? Children just aren’t going to know what glaciers are. Glacial tap is open but the water will run dry Retreating glaciers threaten … Continue reading

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