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Frank Lansner on Foster and Rahmstorf 2011

This is a repost from Lansner’s website, since Tamino aka Grant Foster won’t allow it to be discussed on his own website, I thought I’d give a forum for discussion here. – Anthony The real temperature trend given by Foster … Continue reading

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Congressman Rohrabacher’s speech on climate issues

Remarks given by Mr. Rohrabacher of California on December 8, 2011 on the floor of the House, a matter of public record. Mr. Speaker, tonight, as a strong advocate of human progress through advancing mankind’s understanding of science and engineering, … Continue reading

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Tallbloke to take to torts

I’ve received this email from Roger Tattersall’s attorney (known as a solicitor in England) with the request that I post it. I’m happy to do so. Please see in the letter where the legal fund is being setup. – Anthony … Continue reading

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NASA checking TERRA/AQUA satellite observations against citizen observer ground reports

S.D. Maley writes of an interesting and somewhat surprising NASA program trying to fill in observation gaps where satellites are getting cloud cover wrong: NASA is in the process [1] of checking two satellites [2] against ground observer reports. Student … Continue reading

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Durban Dementia

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach A range of proxy records, supported by contemporaneous descriptions of the weather, all agree that the earth went through what is called the “Little Ice Age”. The coldest part seems to have been somewhere around … Continue reading

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Post COP 17 – The Road to Nowhere

Guest post by Professor Will Alexander  Roadmaps The key word used during the COP 17 discussions was ‘roadmap’ used by the European Union delegation. The following is a map of my travels through southern Africa. My two principal destinations at … Continue reading

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Polar bears becoming a problem in some Arctic towns – survey accuracy questioned

This interesting article shows the information and perception gap between scientists that do helicopter surveys of polar bears and the native people who co-exist in their presence.

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