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IPCC declares itself exempt from FOIA laws

From Bishop Hill, such a short story that it is difficult to excerpt, and given the importance, and the continuation reference to the story I broke on WUWT, I don’t think he’ll mind if I repost in entirety. He writes: … Continue reading

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Wind energy subsidies to be discussed in Senate today–opportunity for input

Guest post By John Droz The matter of how much, if any, federal subsidies that wind energy will get is being discussed (and maybe resolved) today. Here is a video of the Senate Finance Committee hearing this morning on this … Continue reading

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Study: Getting the S out of jet fuel may cool the climate

This study from Yale University  seems contradictory to what we know about aerosols. Generally more aerosols like SO2 cool the climate, but in this case they are saying “it’s offset by the cooling effect of nitrate that forms from nitrogen … Continue reading

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