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The R/P Ratio

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach In oil, as in other extractive industries, you have what is called the “R/P ratio”. In the R/P ratio, “R” is reserves of whatever it is you are extracting, and “P” is the production rate, … Continue reading

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National Academy of Sciences appointee caught “making up stuff” to win lawsuit, RICO lawsuit follows

Watch the video below, it is quite something. Amazing that they were stupid enough to tape themselves saying this much less turn it into a documentary! UPDATE: The legal pleading has been added, link below, quite a read. ————- Excerpt … Continue reading

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Email from UNFCCC: “we won’t let Canada out of the Kyoto Convention responsibilities”

People send me stuff… UPDATE: See below for another interpretation Remember how this was phrased? “sign it, it’s just voluntary!” Recall Rio 1992 “Earth Summit” where the meme was “hey, it’s voluntary!…with a negotiating schedule attached”. Apparently, like a Roach … Continue reading

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CSU’s Klotzbach and Gray Suspend December Hurricane Forecast

UPDATE:  note to readers, Gray and Klotzbach are only discontinuing December forecasts for the season ahead due to limited predictive skill — for the time being.  A main reason is the well-known “Spring barrier” in El Nino Southern Oscillation forecasts … Continue reading

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Crops that are about adapting to weather, not climate

From the University of Edinburgh  a suggestion that the food security issue raised by AGW alarmists might not be worrisome at all. Of course the next complaint will be that we shouldn’t use modified crops to our advantage and that … Continue reading

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Higgs Boson announcement expected from CERN today

UPDATE 5:57 AM The live webcast from CERN is overloaded but it appears that uncertainty still exists about the HB, they may have glimpsed its signal around 126 GeV – see below – Anthony “The God Particle” may have been … Continue reading

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To Sahel And Back

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach The Sahel, that stretch of harsh territory south of the Sahara desert, is a bleak region. I did some work there, in a couple three countries. I came away with the conviction that if every … Continue reading

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Oxfam—Betraying its Roots and Sabotaging its Own Mission

Guest post by Indur M. Goklany On its website Oxfam reminds us that its name comes from the Oxford Committee for Famine Relief. Today it claims to work to “find lasting solutions to poverty and injustice.” So imagine the surprise … Continue reading

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