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In China, there are no hockey sticks

Reposted from Jo Nova’s site Chinese 2485 year tree ring study shows shows sun or ocean controls climate, temps will cool til 2068 A blockbuster Chinese study of Tibetan Tree rings by Lui et al 2011 shows, with detail, that … Continue reading

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Climate FAIL from A to Z presented at Durban

This might be a bit overzealous per Morano’s unique writing style, but compared to some of the stuff we’ve seen from warmists, pretty mild. Lots of useful links and notes – Anthony By Marc Morano  –  Climate Depot Below is the Introduction to … Continue reading

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Climate Craziness of the Week – let the kids freeze, all I want for Christmas is a zero carbon footprint

This guy (Headmaster Rob Benzie)  has become Scrooge in England, except he doesn’t provide even one lump of coal, because, well that would mess up his “carbon footprint”. This is just too bizarre not to pass on, thanks to The Daily … Continue reading

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Tisdale schools the website “Skeptical Science” on CO2 obsession

On the SkepticalScience Post “Pielke Sr. Misinforms High School Students” By Bob Tisdale OVERVIEW I rarely visit the website SkepticalScience, which is run by proponents of anthropogenic global warming, because most of their posts are the simple parroting of the findings … Continue reading

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Public Support For Tackling Climate Change Declines Dramatically in UK

We’re Winning The Battle For Hearts And Minds Newsbytes from Dr. Benny Peiser, The GWPF There has been dramatic decline over the past decade in the public’s support for tackling climate change in Britain. Backing for higher green taxes and … Continue reading

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NGOs: It’s Worse Than We Thought

The official numbers of partygoers to the 17th Conference of Parties in Durban, South Africa, shape up like this: Figure 1. Theoretical distribution of the 14,570 partygoers at the Durban 17th Conference of Partygoers. Numbers indicate total delegates from that … Continue reading

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