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The flying Monck

Lord Monckton parachutes into Durban At first I thought this was a joke. Then I see Monck flying through the air via live cam during freefall, grinning no less. Marc Morano gives the introduction. Video: About these ads

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November Solar Activity Report – sunspots and 10.7cm radio flux up, but the solar magnetic Ap index crashes

This is strange. Usually we see the geomagnetic Ap Index increase with increasing sunspots and 10.7 cm radio flux. But the Ap index (the third graph below) has crashed to the third lowest level since January 2000, matching what it … Continue reading

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MANNx TEDx and all that

The Mann at TEDx PSU (Penn State) video is now available. There’s no political content warning unfortunately, as Mann spends more time standing if front of giant faces of politicians and political pundits he hates than graphs and data. This … Continue reading

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WWF and Oxfam pushing for a shipping tax at Durban COP17 – since when do NGO’s get to write tax laws?

People send me stuff. This one had an IP address originating in Durban today, but it lists as a proxy server, so the person may/may not be there. From WUWT Tips and Notes: I am writing from the COP17 negotiations … Continue reading

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RealClimate’s Steig: Pacific SST’s influencing Antarctic melt, no link to human causes demonstrated

WUWT readers may recall the Nature cover with this picture of Antarctica at left, followed by the subsequent falsification of the Antarctic warming claims made by Steig et al using the dicey Mannomatic math employed. We owe thanks to O’Donnell … Continue reading

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Who gets the most access to network data (like emails at CRU)?

Post updated – see below. Climategate – whodunnit? Well, according to this story in Help Net Security, the Information Technology people might be good candidates to see what has been going on behind the scenes at UEA’s Climate Research Unit, … Continue reading

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