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Friday Funny – Bonus Edition

Josh was amused by the caveman reference I made to the Geico commercial Hockey stick falsification – so easy a caveman kid can do it. Here’s his take on it: About these ads

About these ads
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Hurricanes and Global Warming – Opinion by Chris Landsea

While I was looking into Chris Landsea’s recent activities, I came across a new essay that is a pleasant change of pace from the Climategate Emails. While it is definitely an opinion piece, and a wonderful example of how to … Continue reading

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FOIA is not enough. Why not legally mandate transparency in climate research? A Modest Proposal…

Guest post by Professor Robert G. Brown of Duke University. Not all scientific research is equal, in terms of its probable impact on humanity.  If one is studying poison dart frog species in tropical rain forests, getting a number wrong … Continue reading

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Team ugliness – a call to get a skeptics PhD thesis revoked

Guest post by Dr. Patrick Michaels – originally on Forbes, reposted here at the request of the author. Climategate II: An Open Letter to the Director of the National Center for Atmospheric Research To: Dr. Roger Wakimoto Director, National Center … Continue reading

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Climate Science and “The Cause”

One of the very first things noticed on WUWT about the Climategate 2.0 emails is the use of the phrase “The Cause” by writers of the emails. Science is supposed to be about cause and effect, causality, etc, not an … Continue reading

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Friday Funny – ball lightning and the IPCC

Josh writes in that he’s completed a series of livetoons on hearings related to the climate change Act (CCact) in Britain. He felt that one witness who testified deserved a separate cartoon to illustrate the impact. The IPCC doesn’t know … Continue reading

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New paper suggests sun may be headed for a Maunder minimum

Just published in GRL, a new paper by Lockwood et al that suggests the sun may be headed for a Maunder type minimum.: The persistence of solar activity indicators and the descent of the Sun into Maunder Minimum conditions Key … Continue reading

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Linking an ancient CO2 drop to the Antarctic Ice Sheet using algae as a proxy

From Purdue University , another “just in time for Durban” press release. When you see phrases like “the mother of all tipping points” and you know this is overhyped control knob science. Drop in carbon dioxide levels led to polar … Continue reading

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NCAR’s Dr. Kevin Treberth’s ugly intolerance of dissenting views from other scientists

And to think I almost wasted my time going to visit Dr. Trenberth at NCAR this fall. This is mind blowing intolerance in professional discourse. Here’s the email, bold mine. email 3946 date: Thu Dec 9 08:28:11 2004 from: Phil … Continue reading

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