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“hide the decline” – worse than we thought

Some background from the original “hide the decline” from Steve McIntyre here Despite relatively little centennial variability, Briffa’s reconstruction had a noticeable decline in the late 20th century, despite warmer temperatures. In these early articles [e.g. Briffa 1998], the decline … Continue reading

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Just in time for Durban – new green technology promises big fuel savings, lower emissions

People send me stuff. We’ve spent so much time on Climategate that other more important things have fallen by the wayside. We’ve seen a lot of claims on how green technology will reduce emissions and save the Earth. Often these … Continue reading

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Tying WWF, UEA, Fenton Communications and “commissioned research” all together

Here we have a press release in 1999 (email 3384) from Environmental Media Services (Fenton Communications, operator of RealClimate.org) sent on behalf of the WWF to help bolster the Kyoto Protocol. I loved this line: Cities including New York and … Continue reading

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First FOIA request launched after Climategate 2.0 – this one to the US Department of Energy

It appears that the focus of this has to do with the refusal to give up station data in and the DOE’s apparent complicity in that issue as revealed in the CG2 emails in 2009 from Dr. Phil Jones at … Continue reading

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Climategate 2.0 emails – thread #2

NOTE: Thread #1 (the original still available here) has gotten unwieldy due to size. Many browsers can’t complete the load now. So, I’m starting this second open thread on the issue and moving all updates here. It will remain a … Continue reading

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The genesis of RealClimate.org appears in the Climategate emails, and surprise, the BBC’s Roger Harrabin seems connected

This email in December 2003 shows what appears to be the genesis of the idea of setting up the RealClimate.org website. There a BBC (impartiality – ho ho) connection. Roger Harrabin at this meeting at Tyndall (why was he there … Continue reading

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The worst kind of ugly climate propaganda: David Suzuki targets kids at Christmas in the name of climate change

Here’s the popup message solicitation you get when you visit the website for the first time:

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CRU’s Dr. Phil Jones on “the lack of warming”

“Tim, Chris, I hope you’re not right about the lack of warming lasting till about 2020″ Question: If warming really threatens to destroy human civilization, why was Jones hoping for warming? And if the world was still warming in 2009, … Continue reading

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Science at work: “Tuning may be a way to fudge the physics”

A collection of fudge from The Team, sweet! ClimateGate FOIA grepper! – Email 636 Solution 1: fudge the issue. Just accept that we are Fast-trackers and can therefore get away with anything. [Hat tip: M. Hulme]

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The Climategate email network infrastructure

Guest Post by David M. Hoffer Since both ClimateGate 1&2 there has been considerable confusion in regard to how the emails were obtained, how the FOIA requests were managed, and what was or wasn’t possible in that context.  There is … Continue reading

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