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Two separate examples show 2007 NRC review panel was stacked, except for a “token” skeptic and worked to supress dissenting science

This is pretty ugly. In 2007 the NRC was setup to review the state of climate science. The usual players were involved. Today we have two separate examples of inappropriate behavior designed to squash any scientific dissent. First from Dr. … Continue reading

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Briffa asks for email deletion becuase FOIA is a “time sink” and an “inconvenient subsequent distraction”

0058.txt date: Thu Oct  9 17:56:17 2008 from: Keith Briffa <k.briffa@uea.xxxx> subject: Re: Tom Giverin – IN STRICT CONFIDENCE to: “Toumi, Ralf” <r.toumi@imperial.xxxx> Ralf [[[redacted: reference]]] Finally, might I ask that you note and then erase this email. I have … Continue reading

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New Climategate 1 and 2 combined search engine

Jo Nova writes (and I’m repeating here to get he word out) Behind the scenes, I’ve been playing with a new neat tool for hunting hypocrisy, corruption, bias and unprofessional behaviour and I’m pleased to announce its ready to share … Continue reading

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Photoshopping in the “worseness”

Readers may recall that we caught NOAA NCDC red handed putting in a photoshopped flooded house a couple of years back for an official government report. Image above taken directly from the CCSP report. Read more here Then there’s the … Continue reading

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Climategate 2.0 email – Mike Mann characterized as “crazy” over MWP and “serious enemy”

Edward Cook tells Phil Jones that Mike Mann is “serious enemy” and “vindictive”. Mike Mann had criticized his work. Apparently Mann went “a little crazy” over a paper showing the Medeival Warm Period exists. 4101.txt cc: k.briffa@uea.xx.xx date: Thu, 7 … Continue reading

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New study in Science shows climate sensitivity overestimated

From Oregon State University  some news the team and especially Kevin Trenberth just really don’t want to hear. I covered this on a tip from Dr. Pat Michaels back on Nov 9th titled: Climate sensitivity- lowering the IPCC “fat tail” and … Continue reading

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