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The Empty Chamber

Guest post by Ken Haapala who attended the Markey-Waxman BEST briefing on Monday. “Where are they?” the lady sitting beside me asked out loud, looking around anxiously. “Who?” I inquired. “The press!” she said, “The place was packed the last … Continue reading

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Good news from UVa, earthquake early warning may be possible

Study: Ozone From Rock Fracture Could Serve As Earthquake Early Warning — Researchers the world over are seeking reliable ways to predict earthquakes, focusing on identifying seismic precursors that, if detected early enough, could serve as early warnings. New research, … Continue reading

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I Blame The Australian Carbon Tax for Price Increases

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach You likely didn’t realize that the First Rule for the Carbon Tax Club is … nobody talks about the Carbon Tax Club. And not only that … it could cost the poor Aussies big bucks … Continue reading

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Ben Santer’s 17 year itch

Ben Santer issues a press release on Eurekalert today to “smack down” the non warming we’ve experienced over the last 10-12 years, as I pointed out here for the USA. But the issue goes back further than that. Phil Jones … Continue reading

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Why BEST Will Not Settle the Climate Debate

By S. Fred Singer (first published in American Thinker) Global warming has re-entered public consciousness in recent days, partly because of the buzz surrounding the release of warming results from the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature (BEST) project. The reaction of … Continue reading

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Happy birthday to WUWT – 5 years today

I’ve sort of dreaded writing a post for this day, mainly because it brings out a lot of emotions when I look back over 5 years. I started this blog under the auspices of the local newspaper, the Chico Enterprise … Continue reading

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