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Erratic, extreme, press release puts Princeton climate science in a new light

Must be Durban season. From Princeton University here’s a highly charged press release lapped up by some MSM professional worriers today that uses words like “erratic and extreme” to describe that it’s getting rainier in some places, a whole third … Continue reading

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Are secular correlations between sunspots, geomagnetic activity, and global temperature significant?

New paper by Love et al suggests no prominent role for solar‐terrestrial interaction in global climate change. I’m providing it here for discussion. We are not convinced that the combination of sunspot‐number, geomagnetic‐activity, and global‐temperature data can, with a purely … Continue reading

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ENSO, a bigger climate driver than once thought

From the University of Miami Rosenstiel School of Marine & Atmospheric Science University of Miami study rethinks the ocean’s role in Pacific climate The new study can aid scientists in better understanding regional and global effects of climate change in … Continue reading

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Tisdale on model initialization in wake of the leaked IPCC draft

Should Climate Models Be Initialized To Replicate The Multidecadal Variability Of The Instrument Temperature Record During The 20th Century? Guest post by Bob Tisdale The coupled climate models used to hindcast past and project future climate in the IPCC’s 2007 report … Continue reading

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