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NCDC data shows that the contiguous USA has not warmed in the past decade, summers are cooler, winters are getting colder

See update below: New comparison graph of US temperatures in 1999 to present added – quite an eye opener – Anthony There’s been a lot of buzz and conflicting reports over what the BEST data actually says, especially about the … Continue reading

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An Initial Look At The Hindcasts Of The NCAR CCSM4 Coupled Climate Model

Guest post by Bob Tisdale OVERVIEW This post compares the instrument observations of three global temperature anomaly datasets (NINO3, Global, and North Atlantic “Plus”) to the hindcasts of the NCAR couple climate model CCSM4, which was used in a couple … Continue reading

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My few minutes with Andy Rooney

This morning we wake up to the news that Andy Rooney has died following complications from surgery at the age of 92. Like many of you, I’m saddened to hear of this. Me, perhaps more so, because I had the … Continue reading

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Cooling Warming by the numbers

I get featured in this WSJ piece from “The Numbers Guy” Carl Bialik, but there’s a curious sentence in the first paragraph. At first I thought it was an editorial device or maybe a pun. Then I saw this:

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Why is 20 years statistically significant when 10 years is not?

Guest post by James Padgett Many of you are aware that the concept of continental drift, proposed by Alfred Wegener, was widely ridiculed by his contemporaries. This reaction was in spite of the very clear visual evidence that the continents … Continue reading

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