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Peak Oil – now for the downslope

Guest post by David Archibald When I posted on peak oil’s effect on agricultural costs and food security, some comments questioned the idea of peak oil. What follows is a summary of the subject. We will start with what is … Continue reading

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The Durban ramp-up continues – Climate refugee problem now equated to brain surgery

From the University of Florida , it’s worse than we thought. Moving people around requires brain surgeon like skills, I kid you not. Then there’s that mighty big if:  “If global temperatures increase by only a few of degrees by … Continue reading

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Kelp! Kelp! It’s warming!

From Cell Press , at least they didn’t study Kudzu as a proxy for land temperature. Seaweed records show impact of ocean warming As the planet continues to warm, it appears that seaweeds may be in especially hot water. New … Continue reading

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Climate scientists and their excuses

Candid Comments From Climate Scientists By Dr. Roger Pielke Sr. There is  a news release by Paul Voosen on Greenwire titled Provoked scientists try to explain lag in global warming (Tuesday, October 25, 2011) There are some interesting quotes from climate scientists … Continue reading

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Send in the clouds, there ought to be clouds (in models)

New tool clears the air on cloud simulations LIVERMORE, Calif. — Climate models have a hard time representing clouds accurately because they lack the spatial resolution necessary to accurately simulate the billowy air masses. But Livermore scientists and international collaborators … Continue reading

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Nature pans BEST and Muller PR antics, prints letter from Dr. Singer

Scientific climate Nature 478, 428 (27 October 2011) doi:10.1038/478428a Published online 26 October 2011 Results confirming climate change are welcome, even when released before peer review. excerpts: … Of course, reproduction of existing results is a valid contribution, and the … Continue reading

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