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Plant trees, not carbon laws

From the University of Michigan U-M ecologist: Future forests may soak up more carbon dioxide than previously believed An aerial view of the 38-acre experimental forest in Wisconsin where U-M researchers and their colleagues continuously exposed birch, aspen and maple … Continue reading

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Solar and climate- no longer taboo

Paul Hudson of the BBC writes: This is an exciting time for solar physics, and its role in climate. As one leading climate scientist told me last month, it’s a subject that is now no longer taboo. And about time, … Continue reading

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Dust up in climate modeling

From the Georgia Institute of Technology Research News Insoluble dust particles can form cloud droplets affecting global and regional climates Cloud formation New information on the role of insoluble dust particles in forming cloud droplets could improve the accuracy of … Continue reading

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Al Gore supports “occupy”

From Al Gore’s blog, a clear signal that he’s lost it. Like McKibben, he’s like a moth attracted to a flame, looking for it to jumpstart his own failed movement. Thoughts on Occupy Wall Street October 12, 2011 : 5:07 … Continue reading

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Borlaug 2.0 ?

From McGill University A plan to improve crop yields instead of shutting down industrial society as some potential eco terrorists want to do. Norman Borlaug made huge advances in agriculture. He was an American agronomist, humanitarian, and Nobel laureate who … Continue reading

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High hopes for the Advanced Technology Solar Telescope

Sun-watchers hope giant telescope will get green light Observatory would reveal structures that trigger sunspots and space weather. Eric Hand Close and bright though it is, the Sun still defies a thorough understanding. One reason is that some of the … Continue reading

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