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The Birds, now occupying near you

I wonder if the Hitchcock estate and/or the current copyright holder might want a piece of this action? The whole green movement has gone occupy crazy lately, which I suppose is a reflection of the failure of the movement as … Continue reading

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Ski season opens early in Colorado

From the “Children just aren’t going to know what snow is…” department, and it just isn’t in Colorado either, Mammoth, California got an early base also. Courtesy of Mammoth An October storm brought nearly a foot of snow to Mammoth, … Continue reading

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Mars had temperatures as high as 64°F in the past

Wet and Mild: Caltech Researchers Take the Temperature of Mars’s Past The meteorite called ALH84001 is sliced to show its interior. Found in the Allan Hills ice field in Antarctica in 1984, the four-billion-year-old rock is one of the oldest … Continue reading

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My ship has just come in

The work I do here important, and I’ve always hoped that someday, if I worked hard enough, and produced enough clever articles and research, that I’d finally get invited into the exclusive club of climate cash that supposedly the rest … Continue reading

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Our sustainable mirth

Bishop Hill writes of a new paper, one so “toe curling” it is worth mentioning here to get more exposure. He writes: This is science? This is progress? Reports on Progress in Physics, a journal published by the Institute of Physics … Continue reading

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