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Australia’s pointless carbon experiment

The question is, how long will this last, and how long will the public tolerate these two kissy faced politicians? About these ads

About these ads
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Wrong Again …

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach Like anyone else, I’m not fond of being wrong, particularly very publicly wrong. However, that’s the price of science, and sometimes you have to go through being wrong to get to being right. Case in … Continue reading

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Picket protest planned for Mann

Elmer at Minnesotans for Global Warming writes in with this, so I’m passing it on: Michael Mann the self proclaimed creator of the “Hockey Stick Chart” will be speaking at the Minneapolis Convention Center tomorrow afternoon. He will be discussing … Continue reading

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Should the Baltic Sea be taxed for CO2 emissions?

The Baltic Sea contributes carbon dioxide to the atmosphere The Baltic Sea emits more carbon dioxide than it can bind. Local variations have increased the exposure of the Bay of Bothnia. These are the results from a study of how … Continue reading

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NOAA: leaving bad data stand in Laredo

From Dr. Roger Pielke Sr.’s Climate Science blog, a story of a poorly sited weather station, followed by leaving in the bad data when it is known to be bad. I’ve located the Laredo airport AWIS, more photos below. Guest … Continue reading

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Hansen’s admission – “skeptics are winning”

Like what Judith Curry saw recently at NCAR’s seminar, he seems to think it is all about communication. Part of the problem, he said, was that the climate sceptic lobby employed communications professionals, whereas “scientists are just barely competent at … Continue reading

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On “Skepticalscience” – Rewriting History

At Shub Niggurath Climate blog, he’s done a follow up to his first essay on the ongoing issues with integrity that the oxymoronically named blog “skepticalscience” has. Excerpts are posted below. I’ll point out the John Cook has not responded … Continue reading

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