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The great big map of FUD

Jo Nova has taken on the ridiculous “Map of Organized Climate Change Denial” promoted by Andy Revkin at the NYT with a map of her own and writes: Two professors of sociology think they can explain why “Climate Deniers” are … Continue reading

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Wind turbine FAIL – school left holding the bag for £53,000

It all started when the Gorran School got the bright idea that a wind turbine would solve all their electrical bills while doing some feel good environmentalism. The BBC was ecstatic when they reported on it back in 2008: A … Continue reading

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High level clouds and surface temperature

Guest post by Erl Happ The orbit of the Earth’s around the sun is slightly eccentric. The closest point is called the perihelion. On January 4th the Earth is just 147,098,291 km away from the sun. Aphelion occurs July 4th … Continue reading

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Mann joins the Twitterati

Oh boy, another Mann channel!

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Comet water discovered to be nearly identical in composition to Earth’s oceans

 Suggests comet bombardment contributed to forming oceans From the European Space Agency: Did Earth’s oceans come from comets? ESA’s Herschel infrared space observatory has found water in a comet with almost exactly the same composition as Earth’s oceans. The discovery … Continue reading

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Notes on the Brune talk on Mann-Climategate in Boulder

WUWT reader W. Earl Allen attended this talk and provided notes of his observations. First the talk summary: The seminar is a Chemical Science Division seminar entitled “Climategate, Michael Mann, and Penn State’s investigation”: ********************************************************************* Please note: this special seminar … Continue reading

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The Only Choice Is Where It Gets Burned

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach The noted anti-development expert James Hansen and some other AGW supporters are out in force trying to block the proposed expansion of the existing Keystone Pipeline called the “Keystone XL”. They claim that it would … Continue reading

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