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Announcement from the Heartland Institute

David H. Padden, founder and chairman emeritus of The Heartland Institute, died of a heart attack while at his Chicago home on Sunday, October 2. He was 84. Padden was a pioneer of the libertarian movement in the United States, … Continue reading

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In space, there are no Jiffy Lubes

Dr. Roy Spencer reports that AMSR-E shut down today, too much torque on the rotating element, and all it needs to keep going is a lube job. AMSR-E Ends 9+ Years of Global Observations by Roy W. Spencer, Ph. D. … Continue reading

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The 1% Solution

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach When I’m analyzing a system, I divide the variables into three categories—first-, second-, and third-order variables. First-order variables are those variables that can change the system by more than 10%. Obviously, these must be included … Continue reading

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Can anyone in Colorado attend this tomorrow?

Reposted from Climate Audit. William Brune, who acted as a “consultant” to the Penn State Inquiry Committee will be discussing the Mann misconduct “inquiry” in Boulder tomorrow Wednesday, October 5, 2:15 PM (Refreshments at 2:00 PM) at the David Skaggs … Continue reading

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UAH monthly global temperature, down again slightly, daily data closing in on record cold territory

UAH Global Temperature Update for September 2011: +0.29 deg. C By Dr. Roy Spencer The global average lower tropospheric temperature anomaly for September, 2011 retreated a little again, to +0.29 deg. C (click on the image for the full-size version): … Continue reading

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Global Warming Policy Foundation Calls On Government To Suspend Unilateral Climate Targets

London, 4 October – The Global Warming Policy Foundation has welcomed the promise by Chancellor George Osborne that the government will no longer be bound by unilateral targets that cut CO2 emissions in Britain faster and deeper than other countries … Continue reading

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The TV show where my character gets punched out by a climate scientist

UPDATE: The connection in Crownies to me is unmistakeable now, see update below. Stranger than fiction shades of Ben Santer: “Next time I see Pat Michaels at a scientific meeting, I’ll be tempted to beat the crap out of him. … Continue reading

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Monckton walks the planck

UPDATE: Part 3 added It is said that if you’re going to talk the talk, you’ve got to walk the walk. Monckton of Brenchley certainly has done both. There’s only one problem: pirates, and I’m not talking about Flying Spaghetti … Continue reading

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Malaria and global warming – no linkage

From World Climate Report: Malaria Declines Despite Local Warming “Spreading tropical disease” is high on the list of bad things that are going to happen as the world warms—if you believe the doomsayers. And topping their list of spreading tropical … Continue reading

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Electric airplane

No, that’s not the name of a rock band. But there is a real twin fuselage motor glider featuring a 145 kW electric motor, lithium-ion batteries, and retractable landing gear. From NASA: Pipistrel-USA, Taurus G4 aircraft is seen as it … Continue reading

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