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Canadian Contretemps

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach Driving home today, I heard about a new report from one of those Canadian “we work for the Government but we’re actually really truly independent, honest we are” kind of organizations. It’s called “PAYING THE PRICE: … Continue reading

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Chairman zero emission

I don’t usually go for political articles, but this one deserves mention for the wholesale idiocy about energy on display. Don Monfort writes: Submitted on 2011/10/01 at 10:24 am Sorry to stray off topic, but I was flabbergasted by something … Continue reading

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Icy skepticism hits Slashdot

I noted yesterday this story in Slashdot: Canadian Ice Shelves Halve In Six Years The CBC reports on new research that shows thousand-year-old ice shelves (much different than sea ice) are breaking up and have been reduced by half in … Continue reading

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