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Little Bubbles, part 1

Guest Post by Caleb Shaw Preface:  Climate Scientists and School Girls – A humorous description of a layman trying to investigate the little bubbles in ice cores,  involving both the actual science,  and a layman’s amazement over the politics. My … Continue reading

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Climate Craziness of the Week: Supermandia

Mike Mann thinks this is cool. In case you don’t know, SUNY’s Professor Scott Mandia is the guy running Mike Mann’s legal defense fund. My only question is, why does he need hip wader boots?

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The incredible story of bigger shrinking birds, courtesy of global climate change

Two years ago, it was “Study says global warming shrinks birds” now thanks to impressive further study, they’ve discovered it’s “Bigger birds in central California, courtesy of global climate change.“ Can’t they get their story straight? Why don’t they ask … Continue reading

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A Modest Proposal—Forget About Tomorrow

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach There’s a lovely 2005 paper I hadn’t seen, put out by the Los Alamos National Laboratory entitled “Our Calibrated Model has No Predictive Value” (PDF). Figure 1. The Tinkertoy Computer. It also has no predictive … Continue reading

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Coke’s WWF cash machine

White Coke Cans Fund Polar Bear Myths Guest post by by Paul Chesser For years Coca-Cola has given millions of dollars to eco-extreme group World Wildlife Fund, whose alarmism and perpetration of falsehoods are unmatched among its cohorts in climate … Continue reading

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Monday Mirthiness – the BEST team

Josh thinks climate science is BEST left to rough and tumble experts. The next installment may best this one.

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The BEST whopper ever

I was over at Judy Curry’s place, reading her update to the Mail on Sunday story, and noticed she referenced URLs to the updated FAQs at the BEST website. I followed and was totally shocked to read this FAQ: (bold … Continue reading

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Record snowfall for “Climate Justice Day” in New York

It just doesn’t get any better than this. The Occupy Wall Street Mob had a “Climate Justice Day” scheduled for today. I don’t think they figured on a “Nightmare on Wall Street” irony like this. I notice Bill McKibben isn’t … Continue reading

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Weekly climate and energy news roundup

On the Road Again: Fred Singer will be speaking at the Santa Fe Conference on Tuesday morning immediately following Richard Muller of the BEST project. Singer’s comments will raise some issues concerning the BEST findings. Schedule Of Presentations At The … Continue reading

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UAH lower troposphere temperature colder than 2008

Brrr…the Troposphere Is Ignoring Your SUV by Roy W. Spencer, Ph. D. For those tracking the daily global temperature updates at the Discover website, you might have noticed the continuing drop this month in global temperatures. The mid-tropospheric AMSU channels … Continue reading

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Uh oh: It was the BEST of times, it was the worst of times

Alternate title: Something wonky this way comes I try to get away to work on my paper and the climate world explodes, pulling me back in. Strange things are happening related to the BEST data and co-authors Richard Muller and … Continue reading

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New WUWT Polar Vortex Reference Page

By WUWT regular “Just The Facts” We are pleased to introduce WUWT’s newest addition, the WUWT Polar Vortex Reference Page. For those unfamiliar, a Polar Vortex is “caused when an area of low pressure sits at the rotation pole of … Continue reading

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Inches of “Global Warming” Get Dumped on NASA-GISS HQ

Guest Post by Ira Glickstein [Update: New York City got more snow in October 2011 than ever before in recorded history, according to the NY Daily News (including some good photos). Special thanks to WUWT commenter NikFromNYC who posted this … Continue reading

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U.S. Hurricanes: worse than we thought…100 years ago

With the 2011 hurricane season drawing to a close in about a month, and with hurricane season this year being mostly uneventful in terms of landfall, I find this very interesting. This historical reanalysis by NOAA shows U.S. hurricane landfalls … Continue reading

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The Incredible Voyage of Neodenticula Seminae

Guest Post by David Middleton This article from a publication called DW-World was recently brought to my attention as iron-clad proof of unprecedented Arctic melting due to AGW… Seems pretty cut and dried… But, I had never heard of DW-World, … Continue reading

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The Unknown Unknowns of Global Warming

Plants, both through decay and respiration, are responsible for over half of the world’s annual carbon dioxide emissions. I mention this fact for one reason and that is to communicate the power of the biosphere upon the atmosphere. Usually, when … Continue reading

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Major Snow for Northeastern USA – NYC may get earliest 1″ snowfall since the Civil War

How long before somebody blames it on global warming? Who will be first? Romm? McKibben? AP Science writer Seth Borenstein?, some clueless politician? New York has received measurable snow before Halloween only 3 times since 1869. These events were never … Continue reading

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Friday Funny – bonus

Josh caricatures “team aerosols” thanks to Dr. Roger Pielke’s compilation of responses to this question:  ‘Why, despite steadily accumulating greenhouse gases, did the rise of the planet’s temperature stall for the past decade?” Excuses, excuses.

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Donna’s IPCC “delinquent teenager” now in paperback

NOW AVAILABLE!! Paperback $20 (click here) -250 pages -includes an index -ships internationally from CreateSpace, the publishing arm of

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Test of Rossi’s 1 MW E-Cat fusion system apparently successful

Guest post by Ric Werme Today is the customer test of Andrea Rossi’s 1 MW fusion reactor in his facility in Bologna, Italy. While Rossi initially expected to provide streaming video of the test, the customer nixed that because they … Continue reading

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Explaining Muller vs. Muller: is BEST blissfully unaware of cosmic-ray-cloud theory?

Guest post by Alec Rawls Here is the puzzle, as noted by Nigel Calder and others: how can BEST insist that a modicum of additional evidence of late 20th century warming should put skepticism of the CO2-warming theory to rest, … Continue reading

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New NPP weather satellite launched – new features for climate

Launch video from Vandenburg and mission video animation: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Nation’s newest environmental satellite successfully launched NPP is vital for NOAA’s weather forecast mission America’s newest polar-orbiting satellite roared into orbit this morning, setting the stage for enhanced weather … Continue reading

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Mediterranean droughts man made or not?

NOAA study: Human-caused climate change a major factor in more frequent Mediterranean droughts Winter precipitation trends in the Mediterranean region for the period 1902 – 2010. High Resolution (Credit: NOAA) Wintertime droughts are increasingly common in the Mediterranean region, and … Continue reading

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Friday Funny – TV news accidentally parodies the “occupiers”

From TVSpy: KGW, the NBC-affiliate in Portland, is under fire after accidentally airing a graphic listing numbers of “stinky people” and “angry people” at Occupy Portland. The graphic (pictured below) aired briefly, for less than a second, in the middle … Continue reading

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Increase of extreme foolishness in a warming world

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach Stefan Rahmstorf and Dim Coumou have published a paper (paywalled, of course) in one of the best-known vanity presses of science, PNAS (Proceedings of the National Alarmists of Science). I think this is another PNAS study … Continue reading

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Peak Oil – now for the downslope

Guest post by David Archibald When I posted on peak oil’s effect on agricultural costs and food security, some comments questioned the idea of peak oil. What follows is a summary of the subject. We will start with what is … Continue reading

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The Durban ramp-up continues – Climate refugee problem now equated to brain surgery

From the University of Florida , it’s worse than we thought. Moving people around requires brain surgeon like skills, I kid you not. Then there’s that mighty big if:  “If global temperatures increase by only a few of degrees by … Continue reading

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Kelp! Kelp! It’s warming!

From Cell Press , at least they didn’t study Kudzu as a proxy for land temperature. Seaweed records show impact of ocean warming As the planet continues to warm, it appears that seaweeds may be in especially hot water. New … Continue reading

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Climate scientists and their excuses

Candid Comments From Climate Scientists By Dr. Roger Pielke Sr. There is  a news release by Paul Voosen on Greenwire titled Provoked scientists try to explain lag in global warming (Tuesday, October 25, 2011) There are some interesting quotes from climate scientists … Continue reading

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Send in the clouds, there ought to be clouds (in models)

New tool clears the air on cloud simulations LIVERMORE, Calif. — Climate models have a hard time representing clouds accurately because they lack the spatial resolution necessary to accurately simulate the billowy air masses. But Livermore scientists and international collaborators … Continue reading

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Nature pans BEST and Muller PR antics, prints letter from Dr. Singer

Scientific climate Nature 478, 428 (27 October 2011) doi:10.1038/478428a Published online 26 October 2011 Results confirming climate change are welcome, even when released before peer review. excerpts: … Of course, reproduction of existing results is a valid contribution, and the … Continue reading

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Does the Trenberth et al “Earth’s Energy Budget Diagram” Contain a Paradox?

Guest post by Bob Fernley-Jones by Bob Fernley-Jones AKA Bob_FJ CAUTION: This is written in Anglo-Oz English. Here is the diagram as extracted from their 2009 paper, it being an update of that in the IPCC report of 2007 (& also … Continue reading

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Even as far back as 1892, station siting was a concern

Former California State Climatologist Jim Goodridge sent this along yesterday. This interesting letter from 1892 is a letter from Sergeant James A. Barwick to cooperative weather observers in California. He was concerned about the station siting and exposure conditions and … Continue reading

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First geothermal energy map of the USA now in Google

Via Slashdot, drill baby drill, but for heat, not oil. The Google funded Enhanced Geothermal Systems research at the Southern Methodist University has produced a coast-to-coast geothermal potential map of the United States. Having invested over $10 million on geothermal … Continue reading

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Rahmstorf’s new heat wave cherry twisty

Dr. Roger Pielke Jr. says exactly what I thought: this new paper from Rahmstorf is untrustworthy. He writes: Here is another good example why I have come to view parts of the climate science research enterprise with a considerable degree … Continue reading

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