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Getting ready for more global warming: Heathrow airport triples snow clearance fleet

It seem airport operator BAA has realized that Global warming has really dumped on them the last two years and rather than be caught with their pants down again, they 3x increased their equipment and staff ready to clear snow. … Continue reading

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Plants gobbling up CO2 – 45% more than thought

From the Helmholtz Association of German Research Centres a clear indication for those “CO2 is plant food” scoffers that the plants don’t care what they think. Productivity of land plants may be greater than previously thought Researchers recommend the reworking … Continue reading

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1 K or not 1 K? That is the question

By Christopher Monckton of Brenchley I am very grateful for the many thoughtful postings in response to my outline of the fundamental theoretical upper bound of little more than 1.2 K on climate sensitivity imposed by the process-engineering theory of … Continue reading

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Warming Island / Greenland Sea Regional Climate and Arctic Sea Ice Reconstruction

Guest post by David Middleton The recent return of the Warming Island AGW myth inspired me to build a climate reconstruction for the Greenland Sea region. Temperature Reconstruction I performed a GISS station search centered on 71.4 N latitude, 23.5 … Continue reading

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