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Delingpole on Reason.tv

James Delingpole and WUWT are inextricably linked in climate history. I broke the climategate story here at WUWT from my laptop at Dulles airport, Delingpole was the first in the MSM to pick it up. From there the story spread … Continue reading

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Monckton on “pulling Planck out of a hat”

By Christopher Monckton of Brenchley My commentary written for Remote Sensing on the empirical determination of climate sensitivity, published by the splendid Anthony Watts some days ago, has aroused a great deal of interest among his multitudes of readers. It … Continue reading

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Honey, I shrunk the copepods

From the Queen Mary, University of London , there was shrinkage, of plankton no less. I’m sure it’s easy to extrapolate that right up to the top of the food chain. How global warming could cause animals to shrink The … Continue reading

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Getting GRLed

Dr. Roger Pielke Jr. recently submitted this paper to Geophysical Research Letters (GRL): A homogeneous database of global landfalling tropical cyclones Jessica Weinkle* and Roger Pielke, Jr. Center for Science and Technology Policy Research, University of Colorado, 1333 Grandview Ave, … Continue reading

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