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Future wind

From CSIRO Australia New energy in search for future wind Scientists are taking the first steps to improve estimates of long-term wind speed changes for the fast-growing wind energy sector. The research is intended to identify the risks for generators … Continue reading

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Geomagnetic solar storm in progress

Spaceweather.com reports: A strong-to-severe geomagnetic storm is in progress following the impact of a coronal mass ejection (CME) at approximately 12:15 UT on Sept. 26th.

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Allergies and Dr. Broecker

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach In yet another futile attempt to explain away what I see as the reasonable and justified skeptical American reaction to the unending stream of nonsense being peddled as climate science these days, we have an … Continue reading

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IPCC: Resistance is futile

Donna Laframboise has an excellent piece on how the IPCC has been assimilated by influence from the WWF. Apparently hawking the threat of dead panda bears is quite lucrative, Donna writes: It is important to understand that while the WWF … Continue reading

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Your [wasted green] tax dollars at work

From the Fiscal Times: Solyndra Went on a Spending Spree After Getting Loan Former employees of Solyndra, the shuttered solar company that exhausted half a billion dollars of taxpayer money, said they saw questionable spending by management almost as soon … Continue reading

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Edible Carbon Dioxide Sponge

This gives whole new meaning to the term “spongeworthy”. From Northwestern University News: EVANSTON, Ill. — A year ago Northwestern University chemists published their recipe for a new class of nanostructures made of sugar, salt and alcohol. Now, the same … Continue reading

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