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Another resignation over bad behavior over climate skepticism

From Bishop Hill, news via Pierre Gosselin that the decision by SEII to disinvite speakers to a conference (including Dr. Fred Singer) has backfired, badly. Gosselin is reporting that a prominent engineer has resigned from one of France’s [sic*] learned … Continue reading

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Open Thread Weekend

This post serves two purposes. 1. A forum for open discussion in a civil manner 2. A test for Windows Live Writer to see how well it does for creating a blog post.

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The anti-science battle of Green -vs- Mooney

Heh, gotta love this. Get popcorn. I was tipped off to this by Chris Mooney in a Tweet where he’s calling for reinforcements: Kevin Green of the American Enterprise Institute got the war of words rolling with these comments at … Continue reading

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Monckton’s letter to the journal Remote Sensing

Christopher Monckton writes in email: I sent the attached commentary to the journal a week back and have not had so much as an acknowledgement. So do feel free to use it. It is reproduced below. Readers may recall of … Continue reading

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UARS is down, but NASA doesn’t know where

UPDATE: a later statement from NASA below says N. Pacific off the U.S. West coast, teleconference scheduled. See below. NASA confirms that the Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite (UARS) has entered Earth’s atmosphere and burned/broken up. Some Twitter reports say debris … Continue reading

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Model predicts Arctic sea ice extent

From the University of Washington , some great news if it holds predictive power over time in the face of a cyclic, noisy, non-linear system. Model provides successful seasonal forecast for the fate of Arctic sea ice Relatively accurate predictions … Continue reading

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