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Where is Science?

Guest post by Erl Happ The Southern Oscillation Index is a reference point for the strength of the Trade winds. It represents the difference in atmospheric pressure between Tahiti and Darwin. In figure 1 the SOI is the red line … Continue reading

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The Maldives can’t take a joke

But they can sure act like one: From the BBC: Maldives government complains of spoof atlas omission The government of the Maldives has complained after the London Daily Telegraph website carried a satirical blog post saying the island nation is … Continue reading

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IPCC, models, HadCRUT, and cherrymandering

The Rest of the Cherries: 140 decades of Climate Models vs. Observations by Roy W. Spencer, Ph. D. Since one of the criticisms of our recent Remote Sensing paper was that we cherry-picked the climate models we chose to compare … Continue reading

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A disturbance in the force – CERN finds faster than light particles?

From Yahoo News: CERN claims faster-than-light particle measured GENEVA (AP) — Scientists at the world’s largest physics lab say they have clocked subatomic particles traveling faster than light, a feat that — if true — would break a fundamental pillar … Continue reading

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Greenland ice not responding as predicted

From C3 Headlines and The Hockey Schtick word that the whole Greenland ice loss issue and Atlasgate just got more complex. As a whole Greenland is not responding the same, which suggests regional weather variability as a cause. From C3 … Continue reading

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Over-cooked or well done?

Bishop Hill has yet another amusing entry on the post facto revisionism going on over at the oxymorinically named Skeptical Science blog run by John Cook. Add to that, Dr. Roger Pielke Sr. also has an entry where he says … Continue reading

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One side effect of a warmer Arctic, it will be cleaner due to black carbon scavenging

No polar bears and Arctic foxes  aren’t scavenging carbon, but more moisture during summer months will. Arctic air may become cleaner as temperatures rise The air in the Arctic is cleaner during summer than during winter. Previous studies have shown … Continue reading

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