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Note to Tamino: Cherries are not the only fruit

Guest post by Verity Jones A Tamino rant aimed at Joe D’Aleo’s Arctic ice refreezing after falling short of 2007 record (also at ICECAP) has had me smiling.  Tamino’s accusation against Joe of cherry picking are centred on one of the … Continue reading

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UV low during recent solar minimum

From the American Geophysical Union: Ultraviolet solar irradiance was low during recent solar minimum Solar irradiance, which varies with the 11-year solar cycle and on longer time scales, can affect temperature and winds in the atmosphere, influencing Earth’s climate. As … Continue reading

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Bishop Hill and the skeptical cookbook

Oh this is fun, Bishop Hill catches John Cook’s “Skeptical Science” in a revisionism gaffe using The Wayback Machine. He writes:

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Pielke Sr. on that hide and seek ocean heat

Torpedoing Of The Use Of The Global Average Surface Temperature Trend As The Diagnostic For Global Warming By Dr. Roger Pielke Senior There is a new paper by Gerald Meehl of NCAR and other collaborators  that has been announced in the media; i.e. … Continue reading

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Times Atlas Greenland ice fubar: Death by Wikipedia?

UPDATE: The publisher of the Atlas has issued a clarification and apology: The Times Atlas is renowned for its authority and we do our utmost to maintain that reputation. In compiling the content of the atlas, we consult experts in … Continue reading

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“Technology funding makes climate protection cheaper”

From the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research a call to bring on the carbon trading and other tools. Of course, its all just modeling again. 09/19/2011 – To cost-effectively protect the climate, not only an emissions trading scheme but … Continue reading

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New peer reviewed paper: clouds have large negative cooling effect on Earth’s radiation budget

Oh dear, now we have three peer reviewed papers (Lindzen and Choi, Spencer and Braswell, and now Richard P. Allan) based on observations that show a net negative feedback for clouds, and a strong one at that. What will Trenberth … Continue reading

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Whose Reality is it Anyway?

by charles the moderator [updated to correct usage of the words rank and reach. The correct graphs were used originally, but I used the wrong word to describe them] Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project claims 8.6 million views of their … Continue reading

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