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CBS News – New York Times Poll shows the public has mostly given up on global warming and the environment

Got some vikes, AB, and a nap for my ear infection, decided to check email, found a link to this poll so figured I’d better pass it on. I was surprised. Here’s question 88: 88. Which statement comes closest to … Continue reading

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Monckton on Paul Nurse’s “anti-science”

Monckton submits this rebuttal argument to the piece in the New Scientist Stamp out anti-science in US politics here. He doesn’t expect his rebuttal to be published. Background: Paul Nurse is a Nobel prizewinner and Royal Society president. Stamp out anti-science … Continue reading

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Open thread weekend

I’m stepping away today. Not feeling well, ear infections (due to wearing two hearing aids) are a chronic problem for me and I have a raging one today, so I’ll just be cranky. Off to the clinic then. [update: Please … Continue reading

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If you are getting a virus message on WUWT…

I’ve had several people write to me that they are getting reports that WUWT is “infected” with a virus. The common thread to the reports is AVG software, which seems to think some image thumbnails have a virus: I’ve taken … Continue reading

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Complaints over false info in new Times World Atlas grow

Yesterday we pointed out how an island shown on a map 50 years ago was cited (because it appears today and was finally given a name) as “proof” of Greenland ice melt. Now some heavy hitters are weighing in saying … Continue reading

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Deep Carbon Pollution?

From the American Association for the Advancement of Science, this press release was for some reason included in the atmospheric science category of Eurekalert. Carbon cycle reaches Earth’s lower mantle, Science study reports Evidence of carbon cycle found in ‘superdeep’ … Continue reading

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