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Dessler: “Paying the price for climate change” or a case of flawed statistical analysis?

Guest post by David Middleton My State is currently in the grip of a very severe drought… Professor Andrew Dessler, an atmospheric sciences professor at our nation’s greatest university, recently authored a column about our drought in the Bryan-College Station … Continue reading

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Climate disaster, declining rainfall, rising sea levels

Guest Post by Erl Happ The subject of this post is climate change in the place where I live. The climate has changed in the last sixty years and there is a widespread notion that man is at fault. It’s … Continue reading

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Just in time for the Gore-a-thon, Facebook shuts down a significant portion of email story alerts

Perhaps Facebook was concerned that Al Gore was convincing thousands of unsuspecting dupes to hand over their Facebook account control, which would mean “post at will” on thousands of user accounts, resulting in millions of SPAM messages being send out … Continue reading

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Sea Ice News: Arctic sea ice “may” have turned the corner

UPDATES: New NSIDC data and a press release from them added below. While some folks (Joe Romm in particular) are touting the recent University of Bremen press release suggesting a new record low has been met, declaring record minimum Arctic extent … Continue reading

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Brits Question Global Warming More Than Americans & Canadians

From Angus Reid Public Opinion: Half of respondents in the two North American countries think climate change is a fact and is caused by emissions—fewer Britons concur. While Canadians continue to be more likely than Americans and Britons to blame … Continue reading

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