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Astronomers find extreme weather on an alien world

Alternate title: How long before Bill McKibben says: this brown dwarf has a middle name, and it’s global warming. Cosmic oddball may harbor a gigantic storm TORONTO, ON – A University of Toronto-led team of astronomers has observed extreme brightness … Continue reading

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Pielke Sr. on Skeptical Science’s attacks on Spencer and Christy

Scientific Robustness Of The University Of Alabama At Huntsville MSU Data By Dr. Roger Pielke Sr. As a result of the persistent, but incorrect (often derogatory) blog posts and media reports on the robustness of the University of Alabama MSU temperature data, … Continue reading

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Monday Mirthiness – a cancel-a-thon in the making

I read Paul Krugman’s column once in awhile, and I always come away feeling abused. Yesterday when I read his column, my first thought was that “if I had a subscription, I’d cancel it”. Apparently I wasn’t the only one. … Continue reading

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Well there goes the “climate is weather averaged over 30 years” standard

Forecasting climate? The average value of a meteorological element over 30 years is defined as a climatological normal. Source: NOAA/NWS It’s been done: From the University of California – Los Angeles Can scientists look at next year’s climate? Is it … Continue reading

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Al Gore’s opinion, available for $145K a pop – meanwhile Al says skeptics are the ones with money that needs investigating

Stange juxtaposition of Al Gore related stories today. SU to vote on funding Gore, others to speak | Washington University, St Louis The College Democrats will be appealing for almost $145,000 to pay Al Gore to speak on campus. That … Continue reading

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Newsbytes: Green jobs and carbon pricing – up in smoke?

The green-jobs revolution may be going up in smoke. Despite billions of dollars in federal investment and cheerleading from President Obama, even the most ardent supporters of a transformed, job-generating energy sector based largely on wind, solar and other renewable … Continue reading

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