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New study shows Greenland ice varied greatly in the past

“… abrupt climate change has been a systemic feature of Earth’s climate for hundreds of thousands of years…” From Cardiff University 800,000 years of abrupt climate variability An international team of scientists, led by Dr Stephen Barker of Cardiff University, … Continue reading

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9-11 Lest we forget

There’s nothing I could say that hasn’t been already said better by somebody else, so I’ll just post this video, which I think is well done.  

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Bill Illis: Clouds account for most of the variability in net radiation at the Top of the Atmosphere

While we are marveling at the recent revelation out of Serbia that shows a connection between cosmic rays, clouds and temperature, our own volunteer moderator, Roger (Tallbloke) noticed and collated some comments from Bill Illis which are well worth repeating … Continue reading

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New paper links cosmic rays, clouds, and temperature

This new paper shows what appears to be a link between Forbush descreases and terrestrial temperature change shortly afterwards. It is a short time scale demonstration of what Svensmark is positing happens on a longer climate appropriate time scale as … Continue reading

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