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Al Gore’s credibility wanes – just 24% now consider him to be an “expert” on global warming

With the upcoming Gore-a-thon set for September 14th, Gore needs an attention boost more than ever. And that’s not all, the number of people that beleive the sun has a role is growing. 60% of likely U.S. Voters think it’s … Continue reading

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Panorama of tropical activity

NASA Sees 3 Tropical Cyclones in the Atlantic Today, plus Lee remnants There are four tropical cyclones or remnants plaguing the Atlantic Ocean basin today, Sept. 8, 2011, and one satellite has captured all four in one image: Katia, Lee, … Continue reading

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A Note Regarding The NOAA ENSO Meter

UPDATE: Ric Werme is graciously producing a new updated meter for the WUWT sidebar, see comments. – Anthony by Bob Tisdale There have been a number of comments at WattsUpWithThat wondering if the NOAA ENSO Meter, Figure 1, is broken. … Continue reading

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Solyndra Solar raided by FBI

I guess the feds want to know where that $535 million dollar “green jobs” DOE loan went. Via Andrew Breitbart and from NBC Bay Area News: FBI agents armed with search warrants descended this morning on bankrupt solar company Solynrda … Continue reading

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Global Ocean Heat Content Is Still Flat

While there’s news of ocean heat content in the Atlantic being pumped up by “leakage” from the Indian Ocean, and NOAA proclaims that La Niña is back, Bob Tisdale finds that the global ocean heat content trend since the turn … Continue reading

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It’s official: NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center says La Niña is back

As we reported on WUWT on August 24th, La Niña is now officially “back” with this press release from NOAA. Hopefully NOAAwatch will finally move the ENSO meter they produce (in the WUWT sidebar) from neutral to something that reflects … Continue reading

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What caused the significant increase in Atlantic Ocean heat content since the mid-20th century?

This new paper from Lee et al just published in GRL has an answer. It seems warm water is being transported from the Indian Ocean via the Agulhas leakage. Abstract: As the upper layer of the world ocean warms gradually … Continue reading

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