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Open Thread Holiday Weekend

Since this is a holiday weekend, and after the bombshell Spencer and Braswell revelation today, there’s not much else besides watching tropical storm Lee and Hurricane Katia this weekend. About these ads

About these ads
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Tropical storm Lee and hurricane Katia status and tracking

Well it seems the Gulf coast is in for a wet and windy weekend, no joy though for Texas and rain. Katia has regained hurricane strength. Here’s the latest tracks and bulletins: Track:

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Final 2011 sea ice outlook submitted to ARCUS

While I’ve sent this to Helen Wiggins at ARCUS (and have confirmation of receipt), I’m also posting it here for the record. PAN-ARCTIC OUTLOOK  FROM WUWT (acronym for WattsUpWithThat.com)

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BREAKING: Editor-in-chief of Remote Sensing resigns over Spencer & Braswell paper

UPDATE: Sept 6th Hot off the press: Dessler’s record turnaround time GRL rebuttal paper to Spencer and Braswell (September 4) Dr. Roger Pielke Sr. continues his discussion at his blog: Hatchet Job on John Christy and Roy Spencer By Kevin Trenberth, … Continue reading

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UAH global temperature, down a bit in August

UAH Global Temperature Update for August, 2011: +0.33 deg. C By Dr. Roy Spencer The global average lower tropospheric temperature anomaly for August, 2011 retreated a little, to +0.33 deg. C (click on the image for a LARGE version): Note … Continue reading

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Friday Funny: Peter Piper picked a peck of peakage

One of the favorite phrases used by alarmists as a way to worry us over fossil fuels (besides the CO2 component) is to cite “peak oil”, to make us think we won’t be able to locate additional reserves soon. This … Continue reading

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Batteries from the Carboniferous

Nature’s (Not-Quite) Perfect Battery by Indur M. Goklany The major drawback of solar power and other renewables is that they cannot be relied on to deliver energy at their rated capacity for every hour of every day of the full … Continue reading

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