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Soot easier to control than CO2 – may help Arctic ice

From the American Chemical Society something I’ve always wondered about, that soot plays a major role in the Arctic. Controlling soot though, has to start outside of the United States, because soot emissions are already highly regulated by the EPA. … Continue reading

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Solar’s lead balloon of pollution in developing countries

From the University of Tennessee at Knoxville Solar industry responsible for lead emissions in developing countries Solar power is not all sunshine. It has a dark side—particularly in developing countries, according to a new study by a University of Tennessee, … Continue reading

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Katia now a hurricane tropical storm

This post has been combined into a new one for Katia and Lee here Also I have our new track projection map online now, that covers all the way out to the Cape Verde Islands where these storm systems form. … Continue reading

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Blocking highs contribute to unusually hot July in the Great Plains

From NASA Goddard, something reminiscent of last year’s blocking high for the heat wave in Russia. NASA Satellite Observes Unusually Hot July in the Great Plains Andrey Savtchenko and Adam Voiland NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, Md. Much of … Continue reading

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A blast from the gas in the past

From the AGU today, I find they are moving the cause of ancient planetary disaster from comets impacts and volcanoes or other big events to CO2 causing acidification of the oceans, literally they have a blast from the gas, to … Continue reading

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Government Funding of the National Weather Service: A Response to Our Critics

This is a response to the article posted by Dr. Ryan Maue here titled: CEI misses the boat on the need for the National Weather Service.  Ryan’s response is in the comments, and here is the key clause: …The CEI … Continue reading

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Final Arctic Sea Ice forecast poll

Poll now closed. Results below will be submitted to ARCUS on Sept 1st. Once again, I’m going to give WUWT readers an opportunity to make a forecast for submission, based on voting. See the poll at the end. I’m late … Continue reading

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