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Climate Change Causes Mental Illness

Alternate title: Bill McKibben explained o_O I’ve had about two dozen emails wanting me to carry this from the Sydney Morning Herald: Mental illness rise linked to climate Erik Jensen RATES of mental illnesses including depression and post-traumatic stress will … Continue reading

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Quote of the week – hype and hurricane force winds

Should Irene have been downgraded sooner? Cliff Mass, an atmospheric scientist at the University of Washington and a popular blogger asks, “When Did Irene Stop Being a Hurricane?”

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Scientists and activists behaving badly

UPDATE: Pat Michaels responds, see below: ======================================================== Maybe it’s the summer weather, I dunno, but in the space of 4 days, we have three prominent figures in the global warming debate behaving badly. First we have Al Gore, who paralleled … Continue reading

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NASA’s James Hansen arrested yet again

Photo courtesy of flickr, tarsandsaction.org stream Link Excerpt from Bloomberg: James Hansen, head of NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies, was arrested outside the White House as he joined protesters in urging President Barack Obama to reject TransCanada Corp. (TRP)’s … Continue reading

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Wastewater GHG emissions, a poop de grace?

From the University of Cincinnati Wastewater recycling can multiply greenhouse gas emissions New research shows that wastewater recycling processes may generate more greenhouse gases than traditional water-treatment processes. Despite this finding, there are good reasons to continue keep wastewater recycling … Continue reading

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Flashback: Today Show paddles canoe in ankle deep water for photo-op

With all of the serious questions about hype over Hurricane Irene and the media’s introspection and sanctimonious hand-wringing, I felt it was time for some levity. If you do not remember Michelle Kosinkski from a Today Show appearance in 2006, … Continue reading

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Even the TV news community is asking if Irene was overhyped

There’s a newsgroup that just about everyone who’s in the television news reads daily called “Shoptalk” which is as old as the Internet. They have a host website called TVspy. Today they asked their own readers this question: Was Hurricane … Continue reading

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How not to measure temperature in the GHCN, part 1

Yes, it’s back. Dr. Roger Pielke Sr.  and I have started looking at the GHCN to document the siting quality of surface stations that measure climate in the Global Historical Climatological Network (GHCN), the darling of NCDC’s Dr. Thomas Peterson … Continue reading

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Irene takes a bite out of ocean heat

While nowhere close to Trenberth’s missing heat, it’s a nice bite sized chunk of SST. Hurricanes are heat engines, transporting massive amounts of heat from lower to higher levels of the atmosphere. La Niña is growing too. Have a look:

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Debunked: the “climate change causes wars” myth

From the Center for Strategic and International Studies The Washington Quarterly, a total takedown of the myth that wars and climate change are linked as claimed by this ridiculous study from Columbia University we covered last week titled: That darned … Continue reading

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Diamonds the size of potatoes shoot up at 40 miles per hour from their birthplace 100 miles below Earth’s surface and other strange carbon tales

From the American Chemical Society the same folks who are looking for science superheroes, carbon tales of the weird. Tackling mysteries about carbon, possible oil formation and more deep inside Earth DENVER, Aug. 28, 2011 — How do diamonds the … Continue reading

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