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Hurricane Irene TV news reports – a bridge too far?

I just got done watching about 30 minutes of the special “Hurricane Irene Information” Channel 259 on DirecTV where they are carrying live reports from ABC7 out of New York City. I’ve watched many TV channels tonight like it. I … Continue reading

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CEI misses the boat on the need for the National Weather Service

Post by Dr. Ryan N. Maue The Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) picks an odd time and a curious target for their latest missive pondering whether We Really Need a National Weather Service? Most of their arguments are not particularly persuasive … Continue reading

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Hurricane Fatalities, 1900–2010: Context in these Stormy Times

Guest post  by Indur M. Goklany Despite the press given to hurricanes on the dangers they pose to life and limb, in the larger scheme of things, their contribution to U.S. mortality (less than 0.01% on average each year) verges … Continue reading

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Hurricane Irene not packing much of a “punch” so far

One of the great things about Internet, technology, and personal weather stations today is that I can sit comfortably in my home in California and watch the storm progress on the other coast. This map from Weather Underground suggests that … Continue reading

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ATI press release on the Mann UVA emails

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Saturday, August 27, 2011 Contacts: Paul Chesser, Executive Director, paul.chesser@atinstitute.org Chris Horner, Senior Director of Litigation, chris.horner@atinstitute.org UVA Goes All-in on Climategate FOIA Cover-up By Christopher C. Horner, Washington Examiner, 08/27/11 The University of Virginia has joined a list of … Continue reading

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Saturday Silly – The cosmic uncertainty monster

Josh of cartoonsbyjosh.com writes: I thought with all the news about CERN and CLOUD and Cosmic Rays a new uncerntainty monster might be a good idea. And yes, it is a well known fact that monsters can’t spell ;-)

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