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Hurricane Irene Time Lapse Movie

48 hours of imagery from the GOES 13 satellite in one movie sequence. Shows development and strengthening over the path. The animation includes sped up infrared and visible frames of data from the GOES-13 satellite and is squeezed down to … Continue reading

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Why I don’t subscribe to Scientific American any more

It is because of beyond stupid fear mongering like this: Are Category 6 Hurricanes coming soon? Really? Lest people think this is some sort of “new” fear, I’ll remind them of this from 1969, well before CO2 was bogusly posited … Continue reading

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More evidence La Niña will return

Following WUWT’s story on 8/22, we have this from the University of Arizona Evidence Suggests La Niña Will Return This Winter By Zack Guido and Mike Crimmins, CLIMAS, August 23, 2011 A return of La Nina, which historically delivers dry … Continue reading

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BREAKING NEWS – CERN Experiment Confirms Cosmic Rays Influence Cloud Seeds

UPDATE: see some reactions to this announcement here From the GWPF This refers to the CLOUD experiment at CERN. I’ll have more on this as it develops (updated twice since the original report now), but for the short term, it … Continue reading

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Mann UVA emails released

Via email I’m getting reports that the American Tradition Institute has a CD ROM of the Mann University of Virginia emails in hand and are evaluating them. They are in a 4.3 Megabyte file consisting of 3,827 pages. Given the … Continue reading

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NASA notes sea level is falling in press release – but calls it a “Pothole on Road to Higher Seas”

From the NASA Jet Propulsion Lab NASA Satellites Detect Pothole on Road to Higher Seas An Update from NASA’s Sea Level Sentinels: Like mercury in a thermometer, ocean waters expand as they warm. This, along with melting glaciers and ice … Continue reading

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Attack of the killer clothes dryer

From the University of Washington  comes news of a terrible scourge of air pollution coming from America’s suburban wasteland. Yes, it’s the unregulated clothes dryer vent. I see a whole new division of the EPA just for this major threat … Continue reading

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“Apollo 18″ – possibly the worst science fiction film of the 21st century

I suppose it has come to this. We have no manned space program anymore, Muslim outreach is a NASA priority according to NASA Administrator Charles Bolden, and a recent paper from a NASA postdoc suggests aliens will kill us because … Continue reading

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I can drive to Russia from my house

Something I never expected, worth sharing. I wonder if they’ll have an exit for Yamal? From Slashdot, news that leads me to think that someday I’ll be able to put my car on the train in Alaska and drive it … Continue reading

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