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Climate Craziness of the Week: Anthropogenic Girthic Warming

I would not have believed the claim if I hadn’t read it here: So the idea is that everybody should lose ten kilos the result of which would be a drop in greenhouse emissions that would be the equivalent of … Continue reading

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The heartbreak of ethanes

From the National Science Foundation Ethane levels yield information about changes in greenhouse gas emissions Research at Greenland and Antarctic shows decline in methane and ethane levels Recent data from NSF-funded research in both Greenland and Antarctica demonstrate that fossil-fuel … Continue reading

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Quantifying the Fukushima reactor leak with atmospheric Sulfur Dioxide

From the University of California – San Diego  via Eurekalert First quantitative measure of radiation leaked from Fukushima reactor Observations of radioactive sulfur that formed when seawater was used to cool reactors and spent fuel ponds reveal the amount of … Continue reading

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Radiating the Ocean

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach Once again, the crazy idea that downwelling longwave radiation (DLR, also called infra-red or IR, or “greenhouse radiation”) can’t heat the ocean has raised its ugly head on one of my threads. Figure 1. The … Continue reading

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When is a USHCN airport station not at the airport?

In his early 60’s schtick “Hippy Dippy Weatherman” comic George Carlin used to say “Why do they always give the temperature at the airport? Nobody lives there!” In the case of the airport weather station in Susanville, CA, he’d be … Continue reading

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The character of climate change part 1

Guest Post by Erl Happ Figure 1 records global temperature as it runs between its minimum in January and maximum in July. Vital information is lost when we reduce the data stream to a computed mean (maximum plus minimum/2). But … Continue reading

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Forests: Damned if they do, damned if they don’t

From the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology Increased tropical forest growth could release carbon from the soil A new study shows that as climate change enhances tree growth in tropical forests, the resulting increase in litterfall could stimulate soil micro-organisms … Continue reading

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