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Weekly Climate and Energy News Roundup

Quote of the Week: “By a small sample, we may judge of the whole piece.” Miguel de Cervantes from Don Quixote – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Number of … Continue reading

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Let them truckers roll down under, 10-4

From The Australian, the beginning of a nationwide convoy protesting the carbon tax. I’m sure the delicate sensibilities of the ruling class in Canberra, most of which don’t know the meaning of actual work, will be greatly offended when these … Continue reading

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The Tao That Can Be Spoken …

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach As I mentioned in an earlier post,  I’ve started to look at the data from the TAO/TRITON buoy array in the Pacific Ocean. These are an array of moored buoys which collect hourly information on … Continue reading

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Pielke Sr. on the quality of global surface stations

Quality Of Global Climate Surface Observing Sites By Dr. Roger Pielke Sr. Anthony Watts, Evan Jones and the numerous outstanding volunteers have provided us with an effective, land breaking documentati0n of the quality of siting of surface observations that are used … Continue reading

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It’s Not About Feedback

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach The current climate paradigm believed by most scientists in the field can be likened to the movement of balls on a pool table. Figure 1. Pool balls on a level table. Response is directly proportional … Continue reading

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